BG Shear Power® HD
PN 716

BG Shear Power® HD is an extended life, premium oil for diesel engines requiring API CK-4 or gasoline engines requiring API SN and preceding engine oil.

Automobile engines have many metal components that must be lubricated to prevent grinding. Engine combustion creates incredible amounts of heat and corrosive by-products like silica and acids.

BG Shear Power® HD is a low-ash full synthetic SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil formulated with high-quality, shear stable polymer technology. It features enhanced detergency, superior cold flow properties and excellent oxidation

  • Allows long drain intervals
  • Provides extended wear protection and deposit control, even under severe conditions

BG Engine Performance Service

BG Shear Power® HD is part of the BG Engine Performance Service.

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BG 71632 | BG Shear Power® HD

PN 716