BG Engine Performance Concentrate
PN 116

BG Engine Performance Concentrate provides critical protection for small engines.

Four-cycle engines run hot, challenging the lubrication capabilities of engine oil. Under high temperature operating conditions, engine oil additives will deplete rapidly, causing oil to oxidize. Oxidation thickens oil and causes residues that combine with dirt and debris to form engine sludge. This sludge results in poor performance, excessive oil consumption and severe engine wear.

Installed by a professional at each oil change, BG Engine Performance Concentrate reduces oil oxidation and wear, keep piston rings, valve lifters and other engine components clean and free of varnish, rust and other accumulated deposits. It will prolong the performance of corrosion inhibitors, detergents, dispersants, and anti-oxidant/anti-wear additives in engine oil.

BG Engine Performance Service

BG Engine Performance Concentrate is typically used for motorsport vehicles and can be included as part of the BG Engine Performance Service.

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BG 116 | BG Engine Performance Concentrate

PN 116 6 fl. oz. (177 mL) bottle