BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger
PN E101-3111

The BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger provides a fast and easy way to service all types of automotive differentials, manual transmissions, transfer cases, and change engine oil in light and heavy-duty vehicles. This machine is designed to be used with any petroleum-based oil.

Machine features: 

  • Air-powered and contains no used fluid pump
  • Handheld dispenser with a start/stop trigger on the end of the new fluid hose
  • Two fluid hoses for no cross-contamination    
  • Quickly change between new fluids
  • One ball valve selects the service mode: fill, remove, etc.

This new equipment operates 100% on shop air; no tangled extension cords or wall outlets are needed. Technicians will save time and be more productive. The MAX machine also removes old engine oil, pulls fluid from automatic transmission pans, empties power steering reservoirs, and more.

Regardless of the size of your shop, technicians can find everything they need with the MAX machine. With fewer moving parts and using air for power, this machine is extremely durable, versatile, and will be a primary tool in your shop!

How to get the BG MAX Multi Application Exchanger

The BG MAX is professional use only. Contact your local BG Distributor to see about getting this machine for your shop!


PN E101-3111