BG Ultra-Guard® Heavy Duty
PN 752

BG Ultra-Guard® Heavy Duty provides the ultimate protection for drive line components. Specifically designed for heavy duty and commercial vehicles, it has superior thermal stability, smoother gear shifting, optimum drive line efficiency, quieter operation, protection against wear, pitting, and corrosion, seal compatibility and improved seal performance.

The hypoid gear set design demands that a high level of extreme pressure additive be utilized for long life performance of the ring gear and pinion. The high level of extreme pressure additive in a GL-5 type product can be aggressive toward yellow metals utilized in many standard transmissions or transfer cases.

BG Ultra-Guard® Heavy Duty will withstand the punishing effects of extreme heat and arctic conditions and is one of the few polymer-free gear lubricants to meet the stringent requirements of Ford engineering spec WSL-M2C-192-A. It can be used in all conventional and limited slip differential hypoid gear rear axles.

BG Drive Line Service

BG Ultra Guard® Heavy Duty can be part of the BG Drive Line Service.

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BG 75232 | BG Ultra-Guard® Heavy Duty

PN 75232 32 fl. oz. (946 mL) bottle
PN 75264 64 fl. oz. (1.8 L) bottle
PN 75296 96 fl. oz. (2.8 L) bottle