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BG Products, Inc.

“Thank you BG! Keep up the good work.”

I own a 2012 Skoda Fabia. It has only 40,000 km on the mileage, but recently, I’ve noticed a worrying ticking noise from the valves when starting a cold engine. As part of the usual service interval, I poured one can of BG EPR®, drove it around for 15 minutes, drained the old oil, replaced the filter and poured in new synthetic oil. Guess what…magic! The ticking noise is gone! The engine drives much smoother and I can feel that the car is more responsive on the throttle. I always knew your products are the best, but this case just blew my mind! Had this kind of problem before with other cars and never got to solve it as simple as in this case. Thank you BG! Keep up the good work.

Petach Tikva, Israel

EPR Engine Performance restoration

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