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BG Products, Inc.

“BG Protection Plan keeps customers for life!”

Recently, a customer came in with a failed rear differential. I called to submit a claim and within approximately 15-20 minutes I received authorization to perform the repair, which ended up being 100 percent covered through the BG Protection Plan because he’d had a complete driveline service performed 3,000 miles ago. Communication was open throughout the whole process and the representative was very friendly and informative. I was shocked at the ease of which the claim was setup, closed out and paid for all within one day!

Our customer was very satisfied. I believe we have retained a customer for life, not to mention the referrals we hope to receive from this. This is proof that all of the services we inform people about really do pay off. And if there is a mechanical breakdown, we can back them up with the BG Protection Plan. Thanks again BG for all of your help.


Healey Brothers Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge

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