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Madeleine Dellinger, BG R&D Chemist, Appointed Chair of ROBO Surveillance Panel at ASTM

WICHITA, Kan. – BG Products, Inc. is proud to announce that Madeleine Dellinger, Research and Development Chemist, has been appointed as the new Chairperson of the ROBO Surveillance Panel at ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Ms. Dellinger has been a participant on the panel since June 2021 and was nominated by the previous panel chairperson in January 2023.

Ms. Dellinger’s appointment demonstrates her dedication to continuous improvement in the development of the Romaszewski Oil Bench Oxidation (ROBO) test. She began working on the ROBO project as an intern in the R&D Lab at BG Products, Inc. in 2019 and was later hired as a Research Chemist. She successfully completed BG’s first ROBO calibration in January 2021, and has been a valuable participant on the ROBO Surveillance Panel since the project’s inception.

As Chairperson of the ROBO Surveillance Panel, Ms. Dellinger will attend semi-annual ASTM industry meetings and present on the status of the ROBO test within the industry. She will lead Surveillance Panel meetings, monitor the performance of the test, and track material shortages that might arise.

“I am incredibly proud of Madeleine and her accomplishments with the ROBO test. Her dedication and hard work have been instrumental in the success of this project. It is a testament to her expertise and commitment to excellence that she has been nominated to lead the Surveillance Panel. She is a valuable asset to our team and we are fortunate to have her.”

Ms. Dellinger’s appointment as Chairperson of the ROBO Surveillance Panel is a significant milestone in BG Products, Inc.’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainable practices. We believe that ROBO represents a major step forward in the field of chemical oxidizers and are proud to have Ms. Dellinger leading the way in the industry.

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