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How to sell a Climate Control Service

Many car owners are vigilant with regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake pad replacement. However, all too often the air conditioning system is overlooked. Neglecting the climate control system can lead to more than just an unpleasant smell; it can cause burning eyes, irritated airways, and constricted breathing. 

Why is this service important to your customer?

Over the course of a single year, climate control systems go through multiple freezing and thawing cycles and are exposed to a variety of weather and road conditions. This can lead to accumulation of moisture, debris, mold, and bacteria in the climate control system. Due to the potential buildup of these contaminants, we recommend performing a climate control service every spring.

When recommending a BG Climate Control Service, there are four key areas of focus:

1. Allergens and bacteria

Over time, mold, mildew, and bacteria can grow on the cabin air filter and the evaporator. When the A/C is turned on, these allergens are blown into the cabin through the climate control system. Then, the vehicle sits overnight, and the contaminants start growing again. It’s the perfect petri-dish. BG Frigi-Clean®, PN 709, removes contaminants from the evaporator.

2. Smell

BG Frigi-Fresh®, PN 708, is an EPA and USDA accepted disinfectant, deodorant, and sanitizer. Vehicle owners can be confident that this hospital-grade disinfectant will kill germs that lurk in the vents and cabin air filters.

With an A/C cleaning service, the cabin of the vehicle smells much cleaner and fresher.

3. Safety

Now, more than ever, consumers want a cleaner and safer environment. Maintaining good health is especially important for people with infants whose lungs are still developing and adults with respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, emphysema, and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Remind vehicle owners how this service can protect them and their families from these hidden dangers.

4. Preventive maintenance

The BG Climate Control Service also includes the use of a high-performance oil, BG Frigi-Quiet®. This additive enhances cooling, ensures quieter operation, and prolongs compressor life. When performed regularly, this service can prevent costly repairs.

Sales Tip: Use a Visual/Sensory Aid

Use the old cabin air filter as a visual aid, and show the difference between a new clean filter and the old dirty one. Remind your customer, the air they and their loved ones are breathing circulates through this filter.

Be proactive. Ask vehicle owners if they notice a musty smell from the vents on start up.

Or, maybe a customer mentioned a foul odor when using the climate control system? Use this opportunity to educate the customer about the likely cause of the smell within the climate control system, the potential health hazards of these contaminants, and the benefits of a BG Climate Control Service.

Sales Tip: 3P Presentation Model

When your customer presents with a smelly climate control system, don’t miss the opportunity to sell the BG Climate Control Service. One effective method to secure the sale is the 3P Presentation Model.

  • Present the problem: Clearly and simply state the facts to the customer.
  • Personalize the problem: Describe how and why this problem matters to the customer in a way that connects with them emotionally.
  • Propose a solution: Assure the customer they are making the right decision for their vehicle and their safety. 

Sales Tip: Pairing

Finally, pairing related products or services when a customer is already in your shop, provides value for both you and your customer.

When a customer shows up needing a refrigerant charge (with BG Frigi-Charge®), pair it with a BG Climate Control Service, and don’t forget to include a new cabin air filter! When recommending the annual cabin filter change, recommend BG Frigi-Fresh®.

Key Takeaways

  • Smell—Explain to the customer the source of the smell in the climate control system. Identify the risks of exposure to the mold, mildew, and bacteria present in the climate control system.
  • Safety—Highlight the direct health benefits of the BG Climate Control Service.
  • Preventive maintenance—Taking care of the compressor will allow the A/C to cool more effectively and prevent costly repairs.
  • 3P Presentation and Pairing—Make use of these successful sales tools to maximize efficiency for both your customer and your shop.

Mike “Mikey B” Bauer

Lead BGU Instructor and Sales Field Trainer US & Canada

Mike Bauer (Mikey B) has trained thousands of BG Reps and Service Advisors around the world. His training has been a major factor in service sales for dealerships, independent shops and franchises.

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