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BG Products, Inc.

BG Scores A Hat Trick In Motor Magazine Awards

Looking for “knockout originality,” Motor Magazine was so impressed with BG’s innovations in the diesel market that it has given us a Top 20 Tools Award for the third year in a row.


This year, it was for the BG VW Diesel Air Intake and Exhaust Cleaning System, Part No. 9250‚ the only tool for diesel engines awarded this year. Last year, BG Inject-A-Flush® for Diesels‚ Part No. 9700-500; was a Top 20 winner. In 2003, BG was honored for its Squid Combustion Chamber Decarbonizing System‚ Part No. 9404 or 9408.

The award will be presented Nov. 1 during a luncheon at the SEMA convention in Las Vegas. In picking who gets the awards, Motor’s editors look for tools they say are truly new and innovative, “something that makes us say, ‘Wow! We’ve never seen anything like this before.’” The tool had to be introduced between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005.

The BG VW Diesel Air Intake and Exhaust Cleaning System’s adaptors are made for the VW diesel, but new adaptors will be introduced for the DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes‚ Sprinter), Ford and GM diesels.

Diesel engine manufacturers are turning out modern engines that run faster, torque higher and are in even greater demand as oil prices skyrocket.

As the sulfur content in diesel fuel is lowered in 2006 to get lower air emissions, diesel engines will have a competitive advantage over gasoline engines. For service providers, the only knocking they will hear is opportunity. BG is being recognized across the industry for its leadership in this area. It gives us the visibility to get our message out. It is nice to be recognized at the top automotive meeting of the year.


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