December 13, 2019

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The BG Technology and Training Center is home to the BG Proving Ground, a facility dedicated to hands-on automotive research, development, testing, and training. The new, larger facility has allowed the BG Proving Ground team to grow and expand, and continue to push the envelope for automotive excellence.

Here’s what this cutting-edge facility has made possible for each department of the BG Proving Ground:

Automotive Research and Development

  • Faster and more effective research processes from additional technology and research space
  • Accelerated iterative design capabilities with the expansion of Engineering 
  • Reduced costs from outsourced testing

Technical Service

  • Four-bay technical service facility providing the ability to train and test simultaneously
  • Work with BG Representatives and Automotive Technicians from across the country to educate during BG University 
  • Space to perform services on new iterations of engines, transmissions, cooling systems, etc.

Automotive Testing Facility

  • Five full-service bays to perform in-house testing alongside other teams
  • Three new dynamometers (dyno)—engine dyno, all-wheel-drive chassis dyno and the cycle dyno—for complete comprehensive testing on vehicles
  • Enough space to perform two complete A/B tests (four vehicles total)
  • Opportunity for faster, creative, and more efficient testing


  • Three new 3-D printers for in-house prototype development, offering quicker turnaround on getting prototypes to the testing facility 
  • 3-D scanner to get inside an engine without any teardown, allowing precise matching of service adaptors to vehicles
  • Ability to replicate parts and exactly fit prototypes to test vehicles creating effective in-house testing

Keeping BG excellent

Technology is ever-changing and advancing, and BG plans to continue to be the leader in automotive maintenance. “Our objective is to keep BG at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the industry,” said Jay Erwin, BG Proving Ground Director. “This expansion and the addition to the Proving Ground allows our team to do just that.”  

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