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BG Products, Inc.

BG Products, Inc., Wins Top 5 Tools Award From Techshop Magazine

Top 5 Tools Techshop

WICHITA, Kan. – November 19, 2007 –TechShop-Equipment, Tools and Supplies magazine presents BG Products, Inc. with the 2007 Top 5 Tools Award. Award winners are determined based on the number of times a company or product is mentioned by shop owners and technicians in the Top 5 Favorite Tools section for the past six issues. Only 24 manufacturers have received the award this year.

BG was announced as the winner in the October issue ofTechShop to 110,000 repair shops and about 8,000 mobile tool and equipment distributors. The five tools mentioned in this award were the BG PF5 Transmission Flush and Fluid Exchange System, the BG PF9 Brake Fluid Flush Machine, the BG CT2 Coolant Transfusion System, the BG Power Steering Service Center and the BG Drive Line Service Center.

“Because our customers chose this award, it’s a significant honor to receive it,” says Jay Erwin, ASEG Operations Manager at BG Products. According to TechShop, this is the only equipment and tool award truly chosen by the customer.

“These products have been a blessing to our business by providing great add-on value for ticket sales. And the best thing is that each one of these tools helps to prolong the life of our customers’ vehicles,” says devout BG customer, Ken Peavy, of Peavy’s Garage.

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BG products are proven to make vehicles last longer and perform better. In a recent national survey, automotive experts said they use BG Products as their supplier of fluid maintenance service products and equipment by a margin of nearly 5 to 1 over any other supplier. In partnership with an international network of distributors, BG serves the driving public with innovative automotive maintenance products.

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