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BG Products, Inc.

BG now renews vehicle interiors

Are you behind the wheel at least 12 hours a week? Most likely, yes. That’s the average for American motorists. Busy lives force drivers to eat meals, conduct business and even groom in their cars. All this activity may lead to messes and unpleasant odors in a car’s interior.
And we all know car interior odors are embarrassing! A recent study by Milliken & Company’s YES Essentials® found nearly two out of five drivers admit they would be embarrassed to drive someone around. About half have even apologized for their car’s interior before letting a passenger in.

BG has a refreshing solution!

BG Products, Inc., the leader in automotive maintenance, now restores the freshness of car interiors with the new BG Interior Renewal Service! It’s designed to eliminate embarrassing odors caused by smoke, spills, mildew and mold on seats, floors and all other surfaces.

Freshen your car’s interior with one of two fragrances: the New-Car Formula, PN 698, adds that “new car” scent and for leather interiors and the Leather Formula, PN 699, adds the smell of luxurious leather to any interior.

Like all of BG’s Automotive Maintenance Services, the BG Interior Renewal Service is a fountain of youth for vehicles.

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