December 9, 2019

WICHITA, Kan. – BG has developed a product to target deposits typically seen in High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel systems: BG Heavy Duty Fuel System Performance Restoration.

HPCR fuel system problems

HPCR fuel systems see increased Diesel Injector Deposits due to the design of the engine. With small fuel injector ports and high pressures behind them, even the tiniest deposit can decrease fuel efficiency. And although you may not see it, you will notice the power deficit when you try to haul something or when you put your pedal to the floor. 

When your drive time means money, you don’t have time to take your truck into the shop constantly. And with BG Heavy Duty Fuel System Performance Restoration, you don’t have to. This periodic-use product has been designed for easy tank treating while on the road.

HPCR fuel system solution

With regular use, BG Heavy Duty Fuel System Performance Restoration will do just that: restore performance. 

  • Keeps injectors clean
  • Keeps combustion chambers clear of deposits
  • Reduces piston ring carbon packing 
  • Restores optimum fuel efficiency 

This product will maintain engine performance and fuel efficiency while preventing increased harmful emissions. 

With 32 ounces of punch-packing power, this easy to use, heavy duty product will do big things for your diesel fuel system. 

Find a shop near you that offers BG Heavy Duty Fuel System Performance Restoration!

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