BG Products (for consumers)

BG has over 17,000 shops that offer various BG Services. Find the closest BG shop that offers Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.20.52 PMthe BG service you need. Each shop listing includes service descriptions, driving directions, hours of operation and contact information.
The BG Fuel/Air Induction Service restores fuel efficiency! Use the Fuel Savings Calculator to determine the money you will save at the pump if you have a BG Fuel/Air Induction Service performed.

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BG Advisor™ (for automotive professionals)

BG advisor appDeveloped specifically for automotive service advisors, BG Advisor™ is a quick guide to BG’s products, equipment, services and programs. Its simplistic functionality and clean design allows a service advisor to present maintenance solutions to a customer right on the service drive.

With BG Advisor™ in the palm of his hand, every service advisor can be his customers’ trusted advisor.

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GEM™ (for automotive professionals)Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.22.18 AM

The Gasoline Efficiency Monitor (GEM™) is designed to measure gasoline efficiency based on telematics from a vehicle’s computer. A score of more than positive 5 or less than negative 5 signifies it’s time for a fuel system service.

The GEM™ app can help service advisors quickly determine a vehicle’s need for fuel service.

This app is available for automotive professionals only. Ask your BG Sales Rep for a GEM™ authentication code.
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SmartOPS® (for automotive professionals)

SmartOpsThis mobile productivity monitor puts all your critical service process reports in the palm of your hand. SmartOPS® is the ultimate tool for monitoring performance.

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