Our Research & Development Lab, Innovation Center, Manufacturing Plant and Distribution Center focus on quality from inception to production to distribution.

Research & Development Lab

In the lab, we maintain the highest possible standards for research and development. New formulas are engineered in our Research & Development Lab and tested on vehicles in our Innovation Center. Then, if applicable, the formulas are further assessed at independent laboratories.

The Research & Development Lab also oversees quality control of product manufacturing. Samples are tested at three stages: as raw material, after blending and on the filling line. The dedicated professional staff of the Research & Development Lab continues to evaluate and improve BG products to meet industry needs.

Innovation Center

In a world of constant technical advancements, the BG Innovation Center is dedicated to developing solutions to drivability problems.

Results from our Innovation Center are used for product analysis, competitive comparisons and to pinpoint the cause of vehicle drivability problems. This information allows BG to tailor preventive maintenance programs to meet individual customers’ needs. The Innovation Center is yet another way for BG to hold true to our promise of producing superior quality products for our customers.

Manufacturing Facility & Distribution Center

Sitting on 40 acres in El Dorado, KS, are BG’s Manufacturing Facility, Distribution Center and Tools & Parts warehouse.

BG’s custom-built, one-of-a-kind manufacturing facility spans the distance of three football fields and is where high quality BG products are manufactured, packaged and stored.

Tank fields
As one of the largest dedicated suppliers of automotive fluid maintenance products and services in the world, we’ve got to have plenty of room to store raw materials and finished product.

Two tank fields with the capacity of nearly 900,000 gallons adorn the landscape surrounding the manufacturing plant. The North Tank Field contains finished product. The South Tank Field contains raw materials, which can receive product from either rail cars or tanker trucks.

Automated multi-functional lines
Several production lines are suited for as little as 1-ounce bottles to as much as 330-gallon totes! Whether filling hundreds of thousands of cans per shift or packing nearly 100 kits per minute, each line is built for optimal efficiency and speed.

Plant Control System
The full customized plant control system ensures carefully calculated blending and fluid transfer from rail car, tanker truck or storage tank all the way to the filling lines. Automated control for the facility means quick and exact operations with little room for error. The automated Batch Blender system includes blend vessels and the Continuously Metered Blender delivers components at 150 gallons per minute to a finished product tank!

The “Pig”
Line-purging cylinders nicknamed “pigs” are propelled through pipes, pushing contents out and cleaning the pipe. Pigging saves many miles of extra pipe and thousands of gallons of fluid, which would otherwise go to waste.

Pneumatic Air-Tube System
As part of quality control, four stations send and receive lab samples from the manufacturing floor and the lab. Transporting samples is expedited via the air-tube system.

Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment are a crucial part of each BG Service, quickly delivering the right products to the right parts of the engine. In Derby, Kansas, several aspects comprise the Tools & Equipment department.

Three system robots perform functions at a fraction of the time, with more than double the efficiency and very little waste. The plastic router robot performs jobs that are incredibly difficult to hand-route: it drills perfect holes and trims edges of BG equipment pockets, drawers, and panels. The welder robot welds frames and tanks and a third robot drills large holes in BG PXT®2 jugs.

Our engraving machines are the largest industrial tables available, and we have six. These machines can imprint acrylic, aluminum and plastic sheets up to 24″ x 48″. With a maximum speed of 9.45″ per second, our engraving tables are fast, accurate and powerful.

Machine Shop
BG engineers draft adaptors so technicians can use our service equipment on most vehicle makes and models. The drawings then go to Derby where 12 machines produce adaptors from bars of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. We have hundreds of different adaptors available.

BG tools and equipment are assembled and tested to high quality standards in our machine shop. The BG Machine Shop is AS9100 certified. Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide require compliance and/or registration to AS9100 as a condition of doing business with them.