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Where can I buy BG products and services?
If you are an automotive professional, contact your local distributor.

If you are a vehicle owner looking to extend the life of your vehicle with BG Automotive Maintenance Services, find your nearest BG shop at

Why can’t I buy BG products at a retail outlet?
BG products are professional-use only and require the knowledge of specially trained technicians to perform services. BG Products, Inc., sells to a close-knit network of independent distributors, each responsible for a territory comprised of dealerships, independent shops and franchises.

Where can I find general information about BG products?
Visit our Catalog to learn about all of BG’s products and equipment.

Where can I find more information about BG services?
Find out what drivability symptoms to look for and the features and benefits of BG Automotive Maintenance Services at And then when you’re finished learning, you can enter your zip code and find a shop near you that carries BG products.

How do I log in to Dashboard?
Dashboard is for BG professionals. If you are a BG professional and would like access to Dashboard, contact your BG Distributor.

How can I become a BG Distributor in the United States?
Each BG Distributor is assigned a designated and exclusive territory throughout the country. The U.S. market occasionally has openings available. If you are interested in becoming a BG Distributor in a particular area of the United States, use the contact form on our Contact us page.

How can I become a BG Distributor in a country outside of the U.S.?
Each international BG Distributor is assigned a designated and exclusive territory throughout the world. To see if your country currently has a BG Distributor, go here. If you would like to inquire about a BG Distributorship in an available country or territory, use the contact form on our Contact us page.

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