New, compact service equipment!

It’s no secret that many shops have limited space to store valuable service equipment.

Smaller equipment is a necessity among independent shops where floor space is a scarcity.

Does your shop say no to maintenance services because you just don’t have the space to store the equipment? Some shops do! These shops could be losing customers who want a more “full service” location. When this happens, they lose money.

BG created a new line of equipment just for this purpose. BG Xpress® offers performance and prestige of a larger piece of equipment compacted down to occupy just over a square foot of precious shop floor space.

The BG Xpress® line of equipment performs high quality fluid exchange services for transmissions, cooling systems, power steering and brakes.

BG Xpress® Fluid Exchange Systems:

A small independent shop can be a full service location with the new line of BG Xpress® machines!

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