BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is a 100% synthetic fluid designed for use in all power steering systems and under all conditions. With an extremely high viscosity index, it doesn’t thin when it gets hot or thicken when it gets cold. It can even handle sub-zero temperatures where most other fluids fail. Fluid contamination

BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
BG Power Steering Service Center

The BG Power Steering Service Center quickly and efficiently removes spent power steering fluid while simultaneously installing new power steering fluid. Power steering fluid operates under extreme pressures and temperatures, eventually causing it to break down and become contaminated. Fluid contamination is primarily caused by oxidation which in turn leads to deposit formation. Traditional drain-and-fill

Power Steering Service Center
BG Power Steering Conditioner

BG Power Steering Conditioner is formulated to help prevent power steering unit leaks, provide smooth operation and eliminate squealing. It fortifies all power steering fluid, cleans and smoothes internal springs and valves to help eliminate sticking, and reduces parts wear, and conditions seals against drying and shrinking to prevent leakage. High operating temperatures and pressures

BG Power Steering Conditioner
BG Quick Clean for Power Steering

BG Quick Clean for Power Steering safely and effectively eliminates accumulated deposits from power steering pumps, lines, racks, and valves. Power steering systems experience extremely high fluid pressures and temperatures. These conditions cause power steering fluid to break down rapidly, losing fluid lubrication capabilities over time. Even under normal operation, the power steering system produces

BG Universal MGC®

Through normal operation, the bearings, input and output shaft gears and gear teeth in manual transmissions are subjected to intense stress and heat. The result is chipping or flaking of bearings which can result in looseness or binding on the shafts. Gear teeth will become pitted and worn. Synchronizer sleeves may become scored so that

BG MGC® Multi-Gear Concentrate

BG MGC® Multi-Gear Concentrate is an advanced gear oil supplement formulated to enhance lubricant film thickness and improve extreme pressure properties on gear surfaces under frictional conditions. Drivers will experience a number of benefits. It smoothes manual transmission shifting, reduces gear box temperature, reduces component wear, improves demulsability, enhances thermal stability, extends oil service life,

BG MGC® Multi-Gear Concentrate
BG Syncro Shift® II

BG Syncro Shift® II is a specially formulated gear lubricant designed for front wheel drive manual transmissions. It reduces maintenance costs by improving thermal stability, low-temperature fluidity, and shear stability while providing smoother shifting and improved seal compatibility. Automatic transmission fluid and other light lubricants are often recommended for use in transfer case, manual transmission,

BG Ultra-Guard® Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant

BG Ultra-Guard® is a revolutionary multi-purpose synthetic gear oil compatible with all car and truck applications calling for GL-5 gear oil. It provides superior thermal stability, smoother gear shifting, optimum drive line efficiency, quieter operation, protection against wear, pitting, and corrosion, seal compatibility and improved seal performance. The hypoid gear set design demands that a

BG Ultra-Guard® Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant
BG Drive Line Service Center

The BG Drive Line Service Center provides a fast, easy, and clean way of servicing all types of automotive differentials, manual transmissions, manual transaxles and transfer cases in light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Gear oil allows driveline components to function smoothly. Over time, it breaks down and becomes contaminated leading to worn gears, deposit formation and

939 Drive Line Service Center
BG Interior Renewal® New-Car Formula

BG Interior Renewal® provides a quick and easy way to renew a car’s interior to a clean, refreshing environment. It is designed to cleanse the entire vehicle interior and neutralize disagreeable odors associated with smoke, spills, mold and mildew. Available in new-car fragrance.

Interior Renewal New-Car Formula