BG Battery Cable Savers

When battery terminals have been cleaned from heavy corrosion, sometimes this results in a grinding away of the post. When that occurs, the battery cable cannot be tightened enough to create a solid connection. This results in unreliable start-ups. BG Battery Cable Savers correct this problem by filling in the extra space, allowing the cable

Battery Cable Savers
BG Battery Terminal Protectors

BG Battery Terminal Protectors protect battery terminals from corrosive buildup. The chemical formula is harmless to the battery, paint and other parts.  Fits easily onto the battery posts. Protects battery terminals, cables and carriers Lengthens battery life   BG Battery Service BG Battery Terminal Protectors are part of the BG Battery Service. The BG Battery Service should be

BG Ignition & Battery Terminal Sealer

BG Ignition & Battery Terminal Sealer completely seals and weatherproofs wiring and electrical connections. • Restores damaged insulation on battery wiring • Insulates wiring and brake light wires   BG Battery Service BG Ignition & Battery Terminal Sealer is part of the BG Battery Service. The BG Battery Service should be performed once a year. Find a

BG Ignition & Battery Terminal Sealer
BG Battery Cleaner & Leak Detector

Battery terminals, cables and carriers are vulnerable to corrosion buildup, which can drain the power from a battery. BG Battery Cleaner & Leak Detector removes corrosion from battery terminals, cables and carriers. It also turn reds to warn of the presence of acid or a crack or leak around terminal. Protects battery terminals, cables and

BG Universal Frigi-Charge®

BG Universal Frigi-Charge® extends compressor life and provides overall quieter and cooler running A/C systems. Without proper refrigerant pressure and lubrication, automobile air conditioning systems can’t function properly. Over time, refrigerant is lost through normal seepage past O-rings and hoses resulting in a loss of total system pressure, and less efficient air conditioner operation. Leaking

BG Frigi-Clean®

BG Frigi-Clean® removes accumulated bacteria, mold, spores, road grime, nicotine oil, and debris and restores heating/cooling efficiency. Grease, road grime, dirt, nicotine residue and other debris can build up in the ventilation system and collect moisture. As a result, mold spores, bacteria and fungi are forced into the passenger compartment every time the heater or A/C is turned on.

BG Frigi-Fresh®

BG Frigi-Fresh® will safely and effectively eliminate foul, musty odors from A/C systems. Automobile air conditioners remove moisture from the air. This moisture can combine with airborne debris and settle in the system evaporator, leading to growth of mold spores and fungi. This, in turn, leads to smelly air blown into the vehicle. These contaminants can potentially

BG Frigi-Fresh®
BG Mechanical Additive Injector Tool

The BG Mechanical Additive Injector Tool is the perfect choice for manually adding BG Universal Frigi-Quiet® to a charged air conditioning system. This quick and easy, professional-use tool is designed for use without charging stations or manifold gauge sets.   BG Climate Control Service BG Mechanical Additive Injector Tool is a key part of the

Mechanical Additive Injector Tool
BG Universal Frigi-Quiet®

BG Universal Frigi-Quiet® enhances cooling, ensures quieter compressor operation and prolongs compressor life. High output engines and shrinking under-hood space greatly reduce the compressor’s ability to shed heat under load. Heat stress has a devastating impact on the performance of the compressor lubricant. Most refrigerant lubricants suffer from inherent moisture absorption and breakdown due to

Universal Frigi-Quiet®
BG Power Clean

BG Power Clean is a specially formulated blend of anti-wear ingredients, antioxidants and seal conditioners. It protects the power steering system from the effects of heat and wear. Fluid contamination is the leading cause of premature wear in power steering systems. Oxidation byproducts, hose material, and metallic debris accumulate in power steering fluid. As this