BG PXT®: An evolution in transmission service

Back in 1997, BG introduced the first fully functional transmission fluid exchange system, the BG PF5. Sixteen years and nine models later, the BG PF5 is a rugged workhorse and has the ability to remove up to 90 percent of used fluid in a short period of time. With the BG PF5 cutting transmission service time more…

BG HCF Waterproof Spray Lubricant

BG HCF Waterproof Spray Lubricant stands for Heat Corrosion Friction. As such, it is an all-purpose spray lubricant. Unbelievably tough and stays where you need lubrication in temperatures as high as 550°F (288°C). Under water, it stays where it’s supposed to, even when exposed to harsh chemicals and in salt-water environments. Superior under heavy loads. more…

BG Motorcycle Chain Lube

BG Motorcycle Chain Lube is developed specially for roller chain lubrication; recommended for all applications where an adhesive oil lubricant is needed. Contains moly for added lubrication. Foams on—no messy overspray, resistant to water washout. Highly adhesive to metal surfaces. Lubricates well in extremes of heat and cold. Stays put under friction and heat.

BG Glass Cleaner

BG Glass Cleaner cuts through the most stubborn residues such as road film oil, road salt, grease, paint over-spray and bugs. Cleans and brightens all glass surfaces. Won’t streak or leave a rainbow. Anti-fogging formula. Does not contain silicone.

BG Silicone Lubricant

BG Silicone Lubricant penetrates surface pores and remains fluid without thickening or evaporating through aging. Prevents almost anything from sticking. Extremely long lasting with a wide temperature range.

BG White Lithium Grease

BG White Lithium Grease is a lithium-based lubricant in convenient aerosol container for easy application on hard-to-reach areas. Protects against water and oxidation problems. Outstanding automotive body parts lubricant for door hinges, locks, seat tracks, manual window regulators.

BG Fre-It

BG Fre-It seals out and displaces moisture to stop squeaks and improve operation of moving parts, for hundreds of automotive and household uses. Will not harm paints, plastics or rubber. Actuator and 360° valve permit application from any angle in a stream or fine mist.

BG In-Force

BG In-Force is an ion-activated penetrating oil which stops rust, and lubricates and frees rusted parts. It can also be used in assembly applications. When bonded to metal, it forms a protective coating and lubricating surface which is enhanced by other lubricants and corrosion inhibitors.

BG Engine Degreaser

BG Engine Degreaser removes grease, oil and dirt from all types of combustion engines, generator engines, industrial machinery, driveways and other applications. Safe on paint, rubber wiring and insulation.

BG Special HCF Grease

BG Special HCF Grease is a state-of-the-art product for applications requiring extraordinary performance. Acceptable for use wherever a high-quality grease is required. Formulated to withstand high temperatures. Provides protection against the corrosive action of both freshwater and saltwater as well as chemical fumes. Maintains lubricating film under adverse conditions of load and torque.

BG Special HCF Grease