Biofuel. Is it the answer?

Blending fuel from chicken fat, corn and tree limbs instead of non-renewable petroleum sounds great. Where do I sign up? “While chicken soup may be good for your soul, the science for chicken fat in your fuel tank is shaky,” says Mike Belluomo, BG’s Product Technical Service Manager. Baby Steps Mike warns that the non-petroleum

Charlie Polston To Speak At Nada Show In 2008

Wichita, Kan – August 3, 2007 – BG Products, Inc. is proud to announce the selection of Charlie Polston, Sales Manager of LSI Oklahoma, to be a guest speaker at the NADA 2008 Convention in San Francisco, California, February 9 through 12. “I’m deeply honored to represent BG as a workshop speaker at NADA for

Charlie Polston
BG fleet treatment gets results

To Whom It May Concern: I came on board in October of 2005 with General Air Service & Supply. One of the problems that I discovered within the fleet was that the trucks weren’t running very well. I decided to start looking at the type of repairs and number of breakdowns we were having, to

Fleet Service Center

Once again, warmer days in the forecast have shifted our focus toward Climate Control. A year ago, we discovered the real market for unsurpassed performance lies in the newly developed, unmarketed, glycol-derived oil. Then, we introduced BG Universal Frigi-Quiet,® Part No. 701, the new di-capped Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) oil due to its technological superiority. POE

School district fleet improves with BG

To: Kenz & Leslie The BG Products line of chemicals used in our fleet here at the School District has helped maintain vehicles that are as old as 30 years. The District maintains a fleet of 190 vehicles of various classifications from school buses, dump trucks to flat beds, pickups and cars. Every piece of

School Buses
BG Products, Inc., Announces Steve Shaad As New Int’l Marketing & Research Specialist

WICHITA, Kan. – June 11, 2007 — BG Products announced the hiring of Steve Shaad as the Marketing and Research Specialist for International Trade Operations. Shaad’s responsibilities include researching current and potential markets, providing marketing assistance to BG’s international distributors, and working with the international team to continue BG’s growth, including planned expansion in Latin

Steve Shaad
BG On The Power Tour Rolls Through The Midwest In 2007

WICHITA, Kan. – May 25, 2007 – Team Kansas, sponsored by BG Products, Inc., from Oskaloosa High School is joining the 13th Annual HOT ROD Power Tour with a ‘77 Pontiac Trans Am. The tour is a nationally recognized rally race for classic car enthusiasts. It starts on June 3rd in Cleveland, Ohio and ends

Hot Rod Power Tour
BG Products, Inc., Introduces The New BG Diesel Induction Service

WICHITA, Kan. — May 18, 2007 — BG Products, Inc. presents the new, first-of-its-kind BG Diesel Induction Service, guaranteed to save service shop hours, available mid-May. Specifically designed for the Ford 6.0 Powerstroke, the BG Diesel Induction Service chemically cleans the complete EGR system including the exhaust gas runners and the air intake. This service

Demolition vehicles use BG products to extend life

Over the past 25 plus years we have used BG Products in a wide variety of equipment. This includes cranes, excavators, front-end loaders dump trucks, semi-tractor trailer rigs, lumber trucks, pick-up trucks, cars, portable welders, generators, pumps, cement mixers, etc. I feel that the use of BG MOA® blended into our bulk oil has greatly

WRGB 6 Reports on BG Fuel Service

The investigative news team of WRGB CBS 6 Television in Albany, New York, has been debunking outrageous fuel claims on their eleven o’clock news for the last month. Recently, they reported that they’ve “finally found something that worked!” They claim the BG Induction System Cleanup Service featuring BG 44K® delivered on its promise to improve

BG 44K®