Lab Q&A: Turbos

Question: Can I perform a Fuel Induction Service on an engine with a turbo? Answer: To perform a BG Fuel Induction Service on a vehicle with a turbo engine, apply the product between the turbo and the throttle body. To do so, you must remove the air intake hose that goes between the turbo and

BG Products, Inc., introduces Interior Renewal Service

WICHITA, Kan. -February 1, 2011 – BG Products, Inc., introduces the BG Interior Renewal Service, a complete vehicle interior cleaning service, from the floor mats to the seats to the headliner. BG Interior Renewal Service quickly and easily renews a car’s interior to a clean, refreshing environment. It’s designed to eliminate disagreeable odors caused by

Interior Renewal
GF-5 and dexos: You get what you pay for

I ‘ve received several inquiries about the new oil specs GF-5 and GM’s dexos and what it’s going to cost aftermarket suppliers, shops, dealers and, most importantly, consumers. I thought I’d use the BG Blend’r to clarify a few things. GF-5  This one’s pretty self-explanatory; it’s a step up from the current GF-4, which has

“BG saved us a lot of money”

As off-road diesel engines advance to meet government emission standards, more and more emphasis must be applied to the engine consumables. We’re talking about fuel, oil and filters. Something we rarely give any thought to on a day-to-day basis could cause countless hours of down time and large amounts of frustration. James River Equipment teamed

BG speaks hybrid

The hybrid market is expected to grow another three to five percent in 2011. Although they haven’t become a major player yet, hybrids should not be dismissed. They aren’t going away. The new hybrids may seem unfamiliar, but the fuel/electric-powered machines are still cars that need preventive maintenance, says BG’s Ryan Weems. As Tools &

Lab Q&A: BG 44K® and BG 244

Question: Why can’t I use BG 44K® in diesels? Answer: Many have used BG 44K® in diesels but it is specifically formulated for gasoline engines, which don’t reach the same temperatures as diesel engines. Because diesel engines run hotter and at higher compressions, they must withstand stresses far beyond those in gasoline engines. BG 244

BG solves sticky situation in gasoline direct injection engines

In the article “Gasoline Direct Injection” in the Winter Issue of the Blend’r, we uncovered the disadvantages of the gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine: Dramatic efficiency losses due to deposits on the piston surface More deposits on the intake ports and valves (compared to port fuel injection engines) Low-mileage misfire codes Fuel economy loss Disadvantages

ZDDP: What does it mean to me?

“Oil is killing our cars!” warns Keith Ansell, President of Foreign Parts Positively. “Be aware that ‘New and Improved,’ or even the ‘standard products’ we have been using for many years, are destroying our cars. It isn’t the same stuff we were getting even a year ago.” Although a bit of a sensationalist, Keith is

“No more noise after BG Power Steering Service”

Today one of my customers reminded me that we had not performed a power steering flush in a long time. My records indicated he had a power steering pump whine at 182,000 miles. We performed a flush at that mileage. He now has 300,306 miles on his 1999 Honda Accord on the original power steering

Lab Q&A: Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Question: What is DEF? Answer: Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a nontoxic, urea-based chemical reactant necessary for the functionality of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, which reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions. Most major engine manufacturers are using SCR systems to meet 2010 emission regulations. Here’s how it works: DEF is injected into the hot