Low viscosity ATF and extended drain intervals

The goal of CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards is to increase the average fuel efficiency of all the vehicles on the road to 54.5 MPG by 2025. Every few years until then, manufacturers have a benchmark average MPG to reach. For 2016, the CAFE benchmark is 35.5 MPG. In order to meet these goals,

Enjoy more miles with BG Extended Life MOA®

Low cost of ownership is a hot selling point among vehicle manufacturers (OEM). OEMs tout “low maintenance costs” or “maintenance free” vehicles because all of the other attributes that comprise low cost of ownership (depreciation, fuel costs, insurance, state fees and financing) are difficult to control and manipulate. Whichever promises the cheapest vehicle maintenance wins! To

New, compact service equipment!

It’s no secret that many shops have limited space to store valuable service equipment. Smaller equipment is a necessity among independent shops where floor space is a scarcity. Does your shop say no to maintenance services because you just don’t have the space to store the equipment? Some shops do! These shops could be losing

Diesel customers are forever with BG Forever Diesel®

by Casey Greseth BG Field Trainer Diesel owners are the perfect service customers. They want to spend money to maintain their vehicles. How crazy is that? In a time when sealed transmissions are a thing, die-hard diesel dudes are adamant about regular maintenance. They rely on their diesels for impressive power and durability. Diesel vehicles

BG 245: Maintenance for a modern marvel

Today’s diesels can produce more power with less fuel than ever before, not to mention the significant decrease in harmful exhaust emissions. At the root of this new wave of drivability improvements is the engineering marvel of high pressure common rail injection (HPCR). HPCR systems produce twice as much injection pressure as mechanical fuel injection.

BG Xpress® Brake System Fluid Exchange System

BG Xpress® Brake System Fluid Exchange System is a small machine that quickly and effectively removes oxidized and corrosive brake fluid, replacing it with new fluid. The exchange is performed in minutes. Brakes work by creating friction to slow and stop a vehicle. This friction creates a substantial amount of heat which in turn causes rapid oxidation of

BG Xpress® Power Steering Fluid Exchange System

The BG Xpress® Power Steering Fluid Exchange System quickly and efficiently removes spent power steering fluid while simultaneously installing new power steering fluid. Power steering fluid operates under extreme pressures and temperatures, eventually causing it to break down and become contaminated. Fluid contamination leads to deposit formation. The BG Xpress® cleans the entire power steering

BG 245 Premium Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

BG 245 Premium Diesel Fuel System Cleaner removes and dissolves deposits from the entire diesel injection system, including fuel injectors and combustion chambers. Diesel fuel is notorious for its instability. Without adequate fuel stability to control deposit formation, diesels are extremely sensitive to fuel breakdown. This can increase deposit buildup, leading to heavy exhaust emissions and

BG Low Viscosity Full Synthetic ATF

BG Low Viscosity Full Synthetic ATF offers dependable protection for most passenger and commercial automatic transmission applications where low viscosity fluids are recommended. By 2022, nearly 75 percent of passenger cars in the U.S. will require low viscosity automatic transmission fluid. Low viscosity transmission fluid offers better performance and fuel efficiency gains. With its unique

BG Xpress® Cooling System Fluid Exchange System

BG Xpress® Cooling System Fluid Exchange System is a small machine that quickly and efficiently installs new coolant while simultaneously removing worn out coolant. Engine coolant is under extreme pressure to perform. As coolant flows through the engine, it gradually loses its additives and thus becomes corrosive and unable to effectively dissipate heat from the