BG Products, Inc., introduces Performance Exchange for Transmissions

WICHITA, Kan.– January 21, 2013 – BG Products introduces the BG PXT™ Performance Exchange™ for Transmissions! Coming in February, the BG PXT™ will perform transmission exchanges quicker and more effectively than most, with less costly downtime. Carefully designed features of the BG PXT™ are what separate this automated transmission machine from its competition. BG PXT™ features:

Dual clutch transmission: Growing opportunity?

We are accustomed to two types of transmissions in all of our vehicles: manual or automatic. Manual is known for its strength and better MPG. Automatic is known for its ease and smooth operation. Today we hear more and more of a new kid on the streets that offers the best of both worlds: the

Lab Q&A: BG 332 vs. BG 334

Question: How do I determine whether to recommend BG Power Clean, PN 332, or BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid, PN 334. Answer: Many European and other import vehicles require a full synthetic “Mineral Suspension-Hydraulic” fluid. We often call this application a central hydraulic system. This fluid not only protects and operates the power steering

What’s bad for DPFs and why you should care?

All 2007 and newer, on-road diesel vehicles and 2010 and newer off- road vehicles are manufactured with diesel particulate filters (DPF). Many older vehicles have been retrofitted with DPFs. Tight emissions restrictions have caused diesel vehicle manufacturers to turn to after-treatment devices like DPFs for emissions reduction. What is it?  A diesel particulate filter is

Grease is stickier than I thought

From the moment my father first taught me how to grease our farm equipment back home, and through all the years of working as a technician, grease was just that thick stuff you found in a tube or tub. When your grease gun was empty, you just found a new tube and plopped it in!

BG MOA®: “This stuff is truly awesome!”

I have used BG products in all my vehicles. This stuff works!! I got 212,000 miles out of my Ford with NO OIL LEAKS. All I did was change the oil regularly and use BG MOA®… never did any gaskets. This stuff is truly awesome! Tyler Technician Curry’s Auto Service

Expand your knowledge on compression

Compression ratio is the volume of space in the combustion chamber from largest to smallest capacity. In internal and external combustion engines, compression is defined as the piston’s movement to squeeze the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder. Peak compression is a must Most technicians know that peak compression in an engine is necessary to allow

“BG CF5® is an awesome product”

I have been using BG products since the early 80s. When I became the fleet manger at the fire department, every Friday was truck check-out day. We would get no less than five pieces of small equipment, chain saws, etc., with fuel issues. I started treating our bulk fuel tanks with BG CF5® and now

Lab Q&A: BG MOA® vs. BG RF-7

Question: When to use BG MOA® vs. BG RF-7? Answer: BG MOA,® PN 110, and BG RF-7, PN 107, are both intended to improve conditions of the engine oil. However, BG MOA® is a maintenance product, whereas BG RF-7 is more of a fix-it product. BG MOA® is an advanced ashless, anti-wear oil additive that provides

“BG MOA® saves lawn mower race!”

As a technician, I have used BG products, and loved the results. As a shop owner, I used BG products, and swear by the results. Now, as a racing enthusiast, I will forever stand behind the results. I race lawnmowers (yes, you heard me right) as a hobby, traveling for miles to a track. I