BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier

BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier defends engines against the water that accumulates in ethanol-blended fuel. Ethanol-blended fuel is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture. If left untreated, this moisture can cause corrosion on fuel system components, leading to erratic engine operation, and microorganism growth that plugs fuel filters. BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier is a

BG Ethanol Fuel System Drier
BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender®

BG Ethanol System Defender® protects the fuel system from the harmful effects of ethanol. It keeps intake manifolds, intake ports, intake valves, and combustion chambers free of deposits caused by ethanol. When gasoline is blended with ethanol, it can wreak havoc on engines. Ethanol increases engine deposits, affects drivability, leads to corrosion, and eventually component

BG Ethanol Fuel System Defender
BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer®

BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer® forms a protective coating on fuel system components to defend against corrosion. It contains special stabilizers that keep the entire fuel system clean, restoring power and fuel efficiency. Ethanol-blended gasoline increases engine deposits that affect drivability and lead to corrosion and eventual component failure. Fuel deposits and corrosion formation can have

BG Ethanol Corrosion Preventer
BG Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

BG Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner restores Mass Air Flow Sensor and Idle Air Controller function. It quickly cleans all materials contained in these components including hot wires, plastic, and rubber. Gums, oil, and other deposit buildup in Mass Air Flow Sensors and Idle Air Controllers will eventually degrade proper control of air and fuel

BG Inject-A-Flush® Injector Cleaner

BG Inject-A-Flush® Injector Cleaner will safely and effectively clean the fuel injection system without the need to remove the injectors. Built up gums and oxidized fuel residues are dissolved in minutes and removed from the system. Gasoline engines have extremely tight engine tolerances. Fuel/air flow can be easily interrupted by the formation of fuel deposits

BG Inject-A-Flush® Injector Cleaner
BG Supercharge® II

Gasoline residues build up on an engine’s intake manifolds, valves and in ports. Deposit formation restricts fuel and air flow upsetting the delicate fuel/air ratio that is vital to engine efficiency. This causes serious drivability issues like rough idle, power loss, reduced gas mileage, and increased emissions. Installed at every fill up, BG Supercharge® II keeps

BG Supercharge® II
BG Throttle Body & Intake Cleaner

BG Throttle Body & Intake Cleaner quickly and safely removes accumulated deposits from the butterfly/throttle valve, throttle body and idle air control valves of the air induction system. Automobile engines are finely tuned and extremely sensitive to deposits that build-up in the fuel/air induction system. Varnish, PVC deposits, dirt, road grime and other accumulated contaminants will

BG EGR Service Tool

Used with BG ISC Induction System Cleaner, PN 211, the BG EGR Service Tool allows for total decarbonization of the fuel system. By removing the EGR valve and installing the proper adaptor plate, the technician can quickly and efficiently flush out accumulated deposits from the EGR Circuit and exhaust tubes. Deposits are dissolved for easy digestion

BG EGR Service Tool
BG Full Synthetic ATF

BG Full Synthetic ATF provides superior anti-wear protection and outstanding corrosion control to ensure a long service life. Automatic transmissions are more sophisticated than ever. They operate under extreme conditions: heat, moisture and close gear tolerances. These conditions contaminate and shear ordinary automatic transmission fluids to the point they no longer perform well, robbing a

PN 31432
BG Universal Super Cool®

Over time, protective additives in engine coolant become depleted. Degraded coolant can be acidic and incapable of protecting the components in the system. This results in damaging corrosion in the formation of rust, scale, and other debris that prevent proper engine temperature regulation. Left untreated, this condition may cause leaks, overheating, and other drivability problems. BG