BG DFC Plus® HP for high pressure common rail diesel engines provides excellent fuel system protection for the high temperatures and pressures of high pressure diesel systems. HPCR diesel injection systems are designed to produce significantly more power with reduced emissions due to closer tolerances, improved injection metering and higher injection pressures. But, these extreme

DFC Plus HP for High Pressure Diesel Injection Systems
BG DFC Plus® Easy Treat

BG DFC Plus® Easy Treat contains all the benefits of BG DFC Plus® concentrated in a conveniently-sized bottle for individual truck tanks. BG DFC Plus® Easy Treat is a professional-use diesel conditioner that guards fuel system components against corrosion, corrects nozzle buildup, and keeps the fuel system clean. This product is especially effective for cold temperature

BG DFC Plus®

BG DFC Plus® is a professional-use diesel conditioner that guards fuel system components against corrosion, corrects nozzle buildup, and keeps the fuel system clean. Diesel fuel degrades rapidly in storage and will oxidize in only a short time. When this fuel is used in a vehicle, it causes gums and varnish to form in the fuel system.

BG DFC® with Lubricity

BG DFC® with Lubricity is a superior multi-functional diesel fuel conditioner. As diesel technology becomes increasingly efficient, gums and varnishes are more and more likely to form on fuel injectors and nozzles. This leads to excessive smoke, diminished engine performance, and increased fuel consumption. BG DFC® with Lubricity is a professional-use diesel fuel conditioner that

BG DOC® Diesel Oil Conditioner

BG DOC® Diesel Oil Conditioner is designed to condition oil in high-output diesel engines. Diesel engines operate at temperatures and pressures. This puts a lot of demand on diesel engine oils and the additives they contain. Hydraulically activated fuel injectors increase oil pressures and emissions devices increase soot accumulation in oil. These systems test the

BG Diesel VIA®

BG Diesel VIA® is the ultimate diesel injector cleaning system for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks. BG Diesel VIA® provides a quick and simple means of delivering the exact amount of BG Diesel Care needed to clean deposit-clogged injectors. Connected directly to the fuel supply and return lines by an automotive professional, it removes

BG 244®

BG 244® is a powerhouse diesel fuel system cleaner. BG 244® is like BG 44K® for diesels. Diesel engines are extremely sensitive to the deposits that form throughout the fuel system. Even small deposits can cause substantial reductions in engine performance. Engines with deposits experience reduced fuel efficiency, engine clatter, diminished performance, and other drivability

BG RF-7 Oil Treatment

BG RF-7 is an oil treatment specially formulated to increase engine compression and power by increasing oil viscosity. It contains additives that keep oil from thickening, protect vital engine parts from corrosive damage, and help seal rings to increase compression and reduce blow-by. BG RF-7 is a specially formulated professional-use engine oil viscosity improver. Its

BG Engine Purge

BG Engine Purge is a fix-it product designed to safely remove accumulated sludge and other deposits from the engine. Vehicle engines have close tolerances, precise construction and anti-pollution devices. While these features make engines more efficient than ever, they also make engines extremely sensitive to varnish, gums and debris. These deposits cripple engine performance. Over

BG Engine Purge
BG Engine Performance Concentrate

BG Engine Performance Concentrate provides critical protection for small engines. Four-cycle engines run hot, challenging the lubrication capabilities of engine oil. Under high temperature operating conditions, engine oil additives will deplete rapidly, causing oil to oxidize. Oxidation thickens oil and causes residues that combine with dirt and debris to form engine sludge. This sludge results

BG Engine Performance Concentrate