Ford ambulances revived with BG services

I would like to say thanks for all your help and your excellent products. I especially want to thank you for helping us solve our troubles our fleet was having with fuel injectors and EGR systems. I came in a little over a year ago as the Fleet Manager and was having a great deal

Diesel Fuel Systems
Smooth idle after BG services

Dear Mike McCarthy, After having the BG 255 and 109 services performed on one employee and two customer 6.0 diesels, idle and performance quality seems to be restored to that of a new vehicle. Idle quality is very smooth and acceleration is as good as new. I feel that these services will maintain customer loyalty and generate revenue

Paramedics fleet benefits from BG Diesel Service

Dear Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with your products. We have been using the BG Diesel products for about one year and have had outstanding results. Most of the vehicles that we have in our fleet are powered by the Ford 6.0 PowerStroke Diesel engines. The

BG quality far exceeds its competitors

To Whom It May Concern: I wanted to express my appreciation to BG Products for manufacturing quality products that increase the longevity and performance of the vehicles they are used in. I am generally not a fan of aftermarket products, but have been using BG Products for over 25 years with extreme success. Your biggest

BG fleet treatment gets results

To Whom It May Concern: I came on board in October of 2005 with General Air Service & Supply. One of the problems that I discovered within the fleet was that the trucks weren’t running very well. I decided to start looking at the type of repairs and number of breakdowns we were having, to

Fleet Service Center
School district fleet improves with BG

To: Kenz & Leslie The BG Products line of chemicals used in our fleet here at the School District has helped maintain vehicles that are as old as 30 years. The District maintains a fleet of 190 vehicles of various classifications from school buses, dump trucks to flat beds, pickups and cars. Every piece of

School Buses
Demolition vehicles use BG products to extend life

Over the past 25 plus years we have used BG Products in a wide variety of equipment. This includes cranes, excavators, front-end loaders dump trucks, semi-tractor trailer rigs, lumber trucks, pick-up trucks, cars, portable welders, generators, pumps, cement mixers, etc. I feel that the use of BG MOA® blended into our bulk oil has greatly