“BG saved us a lot of money”

As off-road diesel engines advance to meet government emission standards, more and more emphasis must be applied to the engine consumables. We’re talking about fuel, oil and filters. Something we rarely give any thought to on a day-to-day basis could cause countless hours of down time and large amounts of frustration. James River Equipment teamed

“No more noise after BG Power Steering Service”

Today one of my customers reminded me that we had not performed a power steering flush in a long time. My records indicated he had a power steering pump whine at 182,000 miles. We performed a flush at that mileage. He now has 300,306 miles on his 1999 Honda Accord on the original power steering

“I highly recommend the BG Diesel Induction Service”

I, Charles, owner and Vice President of Sam Scism Form Lincoln Mercury have been successfully using the BG diesel induction/EGR cleaning service for four months with amazing results. Many newer 6.0L trucks and vans, still under factory warranty, arrived at our dealership with an extreme lack of power, poor fuel economy and injector failure. Under

“Lifetime BG Protection Plan® delivers!”

It seems the BG warranty really does pay off for customers who continue to do their required services. We had two claims approved for total repair by the BG warranty claims adjuster in the past two weeks. Their was no hassle with BG. We called in the claim sent in all the customer’s paperwork to

“Diesel Induction Service works!”

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to let you know that we, at Suncoast Ford endorse the use of BG’s Diesel Induction Service. Since we’ve started using the product, we’ve seen dramatic improvement on our 6.0 liters. We seem to have less issues with injector problems and EGR problems. As long as BG

“BG Protection Plan keeps customers for life!”

Recently, a customer came in with a failed rear differential. I called to submit a claim and within approximately 15-20 minutes I received authorization to perform the repair, which ended up being 100 percent covered through the BG Protection Plan because he’d had a complete driveline service performed 3,000 miles ago. Communication was open throughout

“BG really stands behind their product!”

We have a fleet customer that has been coming here for service for years and is very good about doing recommended maintenance. They brought in a vehicle that was a 2005 with 61,000 miles. It had a transmission flush at 30,000-miles and again at 60,000-miles, for only $300 total for both services. The vehicle was

“Ford Diesel Service increases performance”

To Whom It May Concern: Bening Ford of Fredericktown purchased an equipment package specifically designed to service Ford 6.0 diesel engines from BG Products. We have successfully used this induction and EGR product to clean numerous vehicles with incredible results. Almost all of the trucks we have serviced with the product were suffering from similar

“Diesel de-carb service prevents EGR clogging”

Subject: De-Carbon Service To Whom It May Concern: In July of this year, Bar G Products introduced us to the BG Induction cleaning service they developed specifically for diesel vehicles. It is a two-stage process that breaks down and removes carbon deposits in both the fuel intake system and the EGR system. To date, we

Expedition engine flush saves money

Recently, Midland Ford Lincoln-Mercury had a customer bring a 1998 Ford Expedition with 144,000 miles into our service department with the engine oil light coming on at times. After verifying what the oil pressure was, we replaced the oil sending unit and road tested the vehicle. After approximately 10 minutes of driving, the oil light

MOA and EPR for low tension piston rings