Crystal clear oil with BG EPR®

I have a 2000 Astra G. I service every 6 months. Recently, I used BG EPR® and one week later my oil is still crystal clear! I also use BG 44K®! Martyn Cheltenham, Great Britain

Relied on BG MOA® for over 130K miles

I’ve used MOA® every oil change and BG services every 30k miles. Both of our family vehicles have over 130k miles and no leaks, no major failures. Going strong. BenjaminLoveland, CO

MOA Engine Oil Supplement
The power restored by BG 44K® is unreal!

I used your BG 44K® product in my 2008 Honda Accord. All I can say is WOW the power restored is unreal. You get what you pay for, the stuff is unreal! Ryan Clawson, MI

BG 44K® smoothes rough idle

I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport that had a rough idle and would not start. An injector code was popping on the OBD2 sensor and I put BG 44K® in it, ran it at idle for an hour and it started smoothing out. I let sit overnight and soak and it started up. It more…

320,000 miles and still going strong with BG MOA®

  I’ve been using the BG MOA® PN 110 oil additive since I bought my 2002 Ford Windstar van which had 100,000 miles on it. It now has 320,000 miles on it and still runs great! Everyone says, “Wow! a Ford Windstar?” Trying to go 500,000 miles. Wahoo! Steve Rutherfordton, NC

MOA Engine Oil Supplement
“Thank you BG! Keep up the good work.”

I own a 2012 Skoda Fabia. It has only 40,000 km on the mileage, but recently, I’ve noticed a worrying ticking noise from the valves when starting a cold engine. As part of the usual service interval, I poured one can of BG EPR®, drove it around for 15 minutes, drained the old oil, replaced more…

“I’m amazed by the results!”

I had a rep from BG come to the Toyota dealership where I work. When he approached me and asked to do a test on my car which is a 2011 Scion TC with 93,000 miles, I figured it wouldn’t hurt because most cleaners and additives normally don’t do much. They ran the cleaner through more…

BG CF5®: “Actually works”

Mr. Speedy recommended BG CF5® for our 2005 Chevy Uplander that was really running rough after a long period of non-use and was getting worse. I put one can in a full tank and drove only 12 miles round trip. There was at least a 95 percent improvement in engine firing. This is the only more…

BG In-Force: “I can’t believe how well it works”

An auto mechanic friend of mine gave me a can of In-Force to try out in my garage. After using In-Force for the last couple of months, I can’t believe how well it works. This product goes way beyond all of my expectations. I’m SOLD!

BG In-Force
Satisfied BG customer convinces everyone to use BG products

I have used BG 44K®  fuel system cleaner for over 30 years, in over dozen family vehicles. Last week I had my 2005 Ford E-150 fuel system serviced For the first time. I told them it was the first time and the tech said its really going to smoke out the tailpipe A LOT! Well he was more…