Build A Better Oil Change And…

BG’s Performance Oil Change Service, utilizing the BG Performance Oil Changer, BG Part No. 9800, takes a required service and perfects it, playing to BG’s strengths. This service utilizes premium cleaners and oil/fuel additives, attaches simple application tools at the oil filter mount, utilizes engine operation heat and the convenience of shop air to replace all

This Just In (Gas Mileage Newscast)

The investigative news team of WRGB CBS 6 Television in Albany, New York, has been debunking outrageous fuel claims on their eleven o’clock news for the last month. Recently, they reported that they’ve “finally found something that worked!” They claim the service delivered on its promise to improve gas mileage. Want to know the name

Telling the BG Story, One Ad At A Time

The Fountain of Youth TV, radio and print campaign that started in mid-January this year is similar to 2005’s 10 Most Wanted Car Killers campaign featuring Bobby Likis. Last year’s campaign had a strong emphasis on the testimonial of a car expert, which gives credibility to a new-product message. The exact schedule of when the

BG’s Universal Synthetic ATF Struts Its Stuff

They say it isn’t bragging if you can do it. “It blows the doors off of every OEM fluid,” says Mike Belluomo‚ BG technical services manager‚ about BG’s Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid‚ Part No. 312. The top-selling 312 “surpasses the mechanical and physical requirements of every OEM transmission. It gives longer intervals between services

Despite The Talk, Brake Fluid Is Not Forever

Recently, we’ve been getting more and more letters and emails questioning the need for brake fluid replacement. Most readers suspect that the service might be a rip-off since they have never had it done before despite, in many cases, decades of driving. Why is changing the brake fluid suddenly a concern? In a word: ABS.

BG Scores A Hat Trick In Motor Magazine Awards

Looking for “knockout originality,” Motor Magazine was so impressed with BG’s innovations in the diesel market that it has given us a Top 20 Tools Award for the third year in a row. This year, it was for the BG VW Diesel Air Intake and Exhaust Cleaning System, Part No. 9250‚ the only tool for diesel

OEMs Agree: “Sludge Kills”

Sludge is the No. 1 car killer, Bobby Likis warns in BG’s television advertising campaign on Fox news. The long-time shadow over automotive engines is hitting certain models of Saab, Dodge/Chrysler, Toyota/Lexus and VW/Audi automobiles hard. Amid a swelling roar of complaints from enraged owners, many of the automakers are voluntarily extending warranties and replacing

BG Has A Head Start With Upcoming Diesel Fuel Standards

BG Products knows that forecasting is vital to snare a share of the market. That’s why it has developed award-winning products and tools to meet the challenge posed by the decline of lubricity in diesel fuel coming as early as January when many refineries will start producing ultra low-sulfur fuel to meet EPA requirements to