Two new gear lubes speed drive line service

Modern ring and pinion gear sets, whether limited slip or positive traction, require a final lubricant that contains both a GL-5 lubricant and a limited slip additive. These lubricants combined provide optimum drive performance and gear protection. Generally, they are added from separate containers increasing the chance for errors in treat ratios, which leads to

Ultra-Guard® LS Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant - Ultra-Guard® LS Heavy Duty
Under pressure: Low tension piston rings

In order to reduce frictional drag energy loss and increase fuel efficiency, gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines use thinner and lighter piston rings, called low tension piston rings. Piston ring spring force in older port fuel injection (PFI) engines used to be as high as 30 psi. New PFI and GDI engines can have more

MOA and EPR for low tension piston rings
BG Products, Inc., receives ISO 14001:2004 Certification

WICHITA, Kan. – January 13, 2014 – BG Products’ environmental management system has been independently audited and confirmed as being in conformity with ISO 14001:2004. Launched 15 years ago as a guideline for measuring and monitoring organizational activities that impact the environment, the ISO 14001:2004 certification is a benchmark for organizations that want to communicate

“BG 244 works!”

Problems due to pitch around injectors on common rail engines We have had some problems with leakage around the nozzle injectors on certain diesel engines. A layer of carbon has been building up around the injectors. It looks like thick oil or like a black plastic cover has been melting. The substance is black, shiny

Lab Q&A: PXT® transmission machine power supply

Question: Why does my BG PXT® just turn off sometimes? Answer: The BG PXT® Performance Exchange™ for Transmissions is designed to work with DC voltage between 11 VDC (volts of direct current) and 14.9 VDC with good power supply connections. If the charge is low or the connection is bad, the BG PXT® will not

BG EPR®: The best engine repair product is a maintenance product

I recently received a testimonial from a service technician in Wichita, Kansas. He told me his customer brought in a 2006 Chevy with 3.6L engine, and the oil light was on. It had been 15,000 miles since the last oil change! Her engine was completely sludged, and it actually sounded like a diesel. The technician

“BG products will amaze you”

I’ve been a BG customer for over a year now and I’ve just been blown away by how valuable BG products and tools have been to my shop. After believing in store-bought products that do not work, I was truly needing a product that was going to keep my downtime to a minimum, our vehicle

Lab Q&A: High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) diesel injection systems

Question: Why do High Pressure Common Rail injection systems see more rough running engines, misfire, low power and increased emissions than traditional diesel injection systems? Do black fuel filters cause these problems? Answer: High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) diesel injection systems are designed to produce significantly more power with reduced emissions due to closer tolerances,

BG PXT: An evolution in transmission service

Back in 1997, BG introduced the first fully functional transmission fluid exchange system, the BG PF5. Sixteen years and nine models later, the BG PF5 is a rugged workhorse and has the ability to remove up to 90 percent of used fluid in a short period of time. With the BG PF5 cutting transmission service time

The Ethanol Problem

Ethanol creates hard deposits If a gas station is switched from conventional gasoline to E10, much of the sediment, oxidation residue and other contaminants in the storage tanks and lines can be dissolved or suspended in the new fuel. Contaminants can cause premature filter plugging and injector fouling. In addition to lost mpg and power,