Expedition engine flush saves money

Recently, Midland Ford Lincoln-Mercury had a customer bring a 1998 Ford Expedition with 144,000 miles into our service department with the engine oil light coming on at times. After verifying what the oil pressure was, we replaced the oil sending unit and road tested the vehicle. After approximately 10 minutes of driving, the oil light

MOA and EPR for low tension piston rings
Ford ambulances revived with BG services

I would like to say thanks for all your help and your excellent products. I especially want to thank you for helping us solve our troubles our fleet was having with fuel injectors and EGR systems. I came in a little over a year ago as the Fleet Manager and was having a great deal

Diesel Fuel Systems
We’re Right Here

BG Products, Inc., is an international automotive maintenance services company that has had a prominent Kellogg location since 1971, east of the river on south Wichita Street, but not many people know it’s there. “We’ve been right underneath people’s noses all along, and it’s time we showed them that we’re right here,” says marketing manager

BG Billboard Sign
Viscosity Philosophy

There’s a common misconception that crankcase oil and gear oil share the same numerical nomenclature (i.e. 20W-50 and 75W-90). What’s worse, standard OEM manuals further the confusion by specifying grades of crankcase oils for gear oil applications. The information gap is an industry-wide problem. However, knowing how to use a viscosity classification chart, can keep

Smooth idle after BG services

Dear Mike McCarthy, After having the BG 255 and 109 services performed on one employee and two customer 6.0 diesels, idle and performance quality seems to be restored to that of a new vehicle. Idle quality is very smooth and acceleration is as good as new. I feel that these services will maintain customer loyalty and generate revenue

U.S. Commerce Deputy Assistant Honors BG For Export Achievement

WICHITA, Kan. – December 4, 2007 – U.S. Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary Walter Bastian today presented the U.S. Commerce Department’s Export Achievement Certificate to BG Products, Inc. The award recognizes U.S. companies that have successfully exported and opened new markets with the assistance of the department’s U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service. “Exports create jobs and

Export Achievement Certificate
Paramedics fleet benefits from BG Diesel Service

Dear Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with your products. We have been using the BG Diesel products for about one year and have had outstanding results. Most of the vehicles that we have in our fleet are powered by the Ford 6.0 PowerStroke Diesel engines. The

BG Products, Inc., Wins Top 5 Tools Award From Techshop Magazine

WICHITA, Kan. – November 19, 2007 –TechShop-Equipment, Tools and Supplies magazine presents BG Products, Inc. with the 2007 Top 5 Tools Award. Award winners are determined based on the number of times a company or product is mentioned by shop owners and technicians in the Top 5 Favorite Tools section for the past six issues. Only

Top 5 Tools Techshop
BG quality far exceeds its competitors

To Whom It May Concern: I wanted to express my appreciation to BG Products for manufacturing quality products that increase the longevity and performance of the vehicles they are used in. I am generally not a fan of aftermarket products, but have been using BG Products for over 25 years with extreme success. Your biggest