BG 44K® smoothes rough idle

I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport that had a rough idle and would not start. An injector code was popping on the OBD2 sensor and I put BG 44K® in it, ran it at idle for an hour and it started smoothing out. I let sit overnight and soak and it started up. It

320,000 miles and still going strong with BG MOA®

  I’ve been using the BG MOA® PN 110 oil additive since I bought my 2002 Ford Windstar van which had 100,000 miles on it. It now has 320,000 miles on it and still runs great! Everyone says, “Wow! a Ford Windstar?” Trying to go 500,000 miles. Wahoo! Steve Rutherfordton, NC

10 Most Wanted Car Killers

Beware of these 10 Most Wanted Car Killers, the corrosive agents of your car’s destruction from within. They tend to be stealthy killers, often escaping the notice of even the most careful car owners. Thankfully there’s a way to protect your car with BG products and services. Get to know your car’s 10 worst enemies.

Discover a Fountain of Youth for your car!

BG products and services are like a “Fountain of Youth” for your car! Worse for the wear Just as people need to have their systems checked and maintained as they grow older, so do cars. During the regular use of your vehicle, the fluids that protect critical components wear out, causing unneeded corrosion and damage.


Question: What is the NOACK Volatility Test and why is it important for engine oils? Answer: The NOACK Volatility Test (ASTM D5800) determines evaporation tendencies of a lubricant (engine oil) in high temperature service. The more an engine oil vaporizes (or evaporates), the heavier the oil becomes. Heavier, more viscous oil circulates poorly, which affects fuel

New dual service power steering and transmission fluid exchange machine

WICHITA, Kan.–July 6, 2015 – BG Products, Inc., introduces a new Performance Exchange machine: The BG PXT®2. Used by an automotive professional, the BG PXT®2 performs two major BG maintenance services—the BG Transmission Service and the BG Power Steering Service—plus a simple drain-and-fill. The BG PXT®2 features: Adjustable fluid metering control Weight scale balanced metering Upgraded quick-touch screen

At NADA, BG will promote sales training for service advisors

WICHITA, Kan. – December 12, 2014 – At the end of January 2015, BG Products, Inc., will have a booth on the expo floor of the largest international gathering of franchised new-vehicle dealers – the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The NADA Convention & Expo

Lab Q&A: DFC

All three products were discontinued in August to stream-line and optimize the complex BG diesel fuel products line. Before, the primary product used for de-icing was BG Winter Blend DFC, Part No. 238. And the primary products for low temperature pourability were BG DFC Plus Low Temperature Pour, Part No. 251, and BG Diesel Fuel