January 12, 2016
BG Forever Diesel logo | BG the first to offer lifetime diesel engine coverage at any mileage

WICHITA, Kan.–January 12, 2016–BG Products, Inc., is the first to market with engine and fuel system coverage for diesels of any age, mileage or hours! BG Forever Diesel® allows diesels to enter the plan and be eligible for full coverage at any time.*

As part of BG Forever Diesel®, if an eligible component in the engine and/or fuel system fails, BG will reimburse the consumer for the cost of replacement or repair up to $6,000.*

“We are confident our diesel services can solve inherent diesel issues such as deposit buildup and drivability. So confident, in fact, that we’re covering diesels of any age, mileage, or hours,” says Marketing Director Mike Moen.

To maintain lifetime coverage, consumers must simply return to the BG shop for another BG Diesel Performance Oil Change Service within the specified mileage interval.

BG Forever Diesel® plans:

  • Plan 1: First service performed either before 50,000 miles (80,000 km), or 1,500 hours, whichever comes first.
  • Plan 2: First service performed either after 50,001 miles (80,001 km), or 1,501 hours, whichever comes first.*

*To enter Plan 2, diesel owners must purchase four BG diesel services to restore performance of the fuel, lubrication and emissions systems.

  1. BG Diesel Injection Service
  2. BG Diesel Induction Service
  3. BG DPF and Emissions System Restoration Service
  4. BG Diesel Performance Oil Change Service with BG 245

Qualifying services:

Ask your shop if you qualify for BG Forever Diesel® or visit BG Forever Diesel® to learn more.

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