July 14, 2011

Performance Analysis
Power and acceleration remain strong. Our drivers are not feeling any lag or power issues like we did during the first 30,000. We attribute this primarily to the use of BG 44K®, which is keeping the injectors clean (good injector function/spray) and combustion chambers clean.

Oil Analysis
We don’t see anything to comment on for the fluid analysis reports. Still no fuel dilution, which is good. This could be due to two things. One would be clean injectors allowing for good fuel spray. Two would be ring land cleanliness. And, we take full credit. BG MOA® contributes to ring land cleanliness. Good ring function allows for minimal fuel dilution down into the engine oil.

Borescope Analysis
See photos below.

Our pros ran the borescope at 49,000 miles and then poured in BG 44K® and drove it 2,500 more miles. The after pics are from 51,446 miles.