February 11, 2011

Performance Analysis
Our drivers haven’t seen a change in performance since the boost in horsepower and torque at the 32,000-mile Dyno Test. MPG is still averaging about 18.9.

Oil Analysis
All fluids are protecting as they should be.

Borescope Analysis
At the 32,000-mile checkup, we cleaned the fuel system with BG 44K® and performed a thorough Gasoline Direct Injection Service with visible borescope and noticeable performance results! In just 7,000 miles of driving, deposits are already starting to build up again.

In fact, when our technicians were evaluating the BG Fuel Test Car, they noticed major deposit accumulation on the piston tops and around the fuel injectors. Per our current test protocol, we ran a can of 44K® through a full tank of gasoline. See the before and after photos below.