July 6, 2010

California, South Dakota, Texas, Florida and every where in between, the BG Fuel Test Car has racked up some windshield time. When she’s not traveling the country, the Fuel Test Car is running errands around Wichita to experience a little more stop-n-go city driving.

Our BG professional technicians changed the oil and performed the fifth checkup this year. The results are below.


Performance has not changed in the past 5,000 miles. The fuel economy is also holding at about 18-20 mpg.

Borescope Analysis

You can see in the videos below that the deposits continue to get thicker on port walls and valve stems and are forming to point of sticking out away from the port walls (Note the first photo of the Cylinder 1 valve seat area at bottom of the port).

Oil Analysis

Our tests are still showing fuel dilution in engine oil but not quite as much as the last couple of check ups. This might have been due to a shorter drain interval.