June 11, 2010

In just nine months, the BG Fuel Test Car has put on about 21,000 miles. Aside from routine oil changes, we have not yet performed any preventive maintenance services on this gasoline direct injected vehicle. In a port fuel-injected system, BG recommends the Fuel/Air Induction Service at 15,000 miles. Let’s see how this gasoline direct injected vehicle is doing without it.


One test driver’s comment on the car’s throttle response was “sluggish” as compared to its first miles on the road. “Sluggish” for a car with a twin turbo could only be noticed as a momentary hesitation to the average driver.

The on-board fuel economy calculator shows a greater mpg loss, motoring away at only 18 mpg. That’s a total loss of six miles per gallon in the first year on the road!

Borescope Analysis

See how the deposits continue to grow on the intake valves and ports in the photos and videos below.

Oil Analysis

Fuel dilution is still present at the same level as the last checkup.