April 8, 2010

The BG Fuel Test Car is still running without BG products… but how well?


Several BG test drivers noticed a slight lag in immediate acceleration response. With two turbochargers, overall acceleration decrease is difficult to detect.

The on-board fuel economy calculator shows a recent, dramatic decrease in mpg from 24 to 20.5 mpg. With the mpg drop, we’re now refueling 66.5 miles sooner (a loss of almost 3 gallons per tank)!

Borescope analysis

In the progression of photos and videos from the first checkup to the third, deposits continue to thicken on intake valves and ports. The borescope video below shows deposits caked heaviest further down the intake port near the intake valve. This is especially detrimental to overall driveability because of the decrease in air movement efficiency through the intake port and in to the combustion chamber.

Oil analysis

In addition to growing deposits, our data indicated that fuel dilution is still present, but not as significant as the 10,000-mile checkup.